Monday, September 06, 2010

she writes

that is the name of the page i want to share with you today created with the ENLIGHTENMENT kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.  i took the theme for this month and really thought deeply about what enlightenment means to me.  i took it to a place learning about myself and realizing what i need in my life, and what i love in my life. 
and writing is one of those things. 

the journaling says:  i am a writer.  i am a poet.  i see the world through the words that flow from my fingers to the blank page in front of me.  i took a break for a couple years, but recently i got out my notebook again and my heart has been poured out.  i see now that it is an integral part of me.  my soul needs to write.  i need to live through words and meter and rhyme.  i am open to the future, to where my poetry wants to go.  

the colors in this kit have just blown me away.  it has been an honor to work with the kit and this amazing design team.  please come join us. 


  1. love love love this one! Amazing cut work and just the right amount of WHITE to contrast...

  2. this is such a great page - I love how you write, it is SO inspiring to me. And I love the pages you've been creating lately, it's so awesome to get to know you that much better.