Saturday, May 01, 2010

APRIL 2010:  this month i was thankful for the start of spring, celebrated with my husband when he found a new job driving garbage truck, scrapbooked a lot, worked so hard on my medical transcription course, built and announced the brand new site for THe CrEatiVe TyPe, chris and i decided that it was time to start our family and found a puppy we get to bring home soon, our play Razia's Shadow opened with a bang, the flowers in my sweet yard started blooming, i reached my halfway mark for my classwork, found new music to love, drove to seattle by myself, got my reward from my dad, took maternity pictures for my lifelong friend tracy and her hubs jason, we picked out a name for our puppy and he will be known as spencer, i did a paper scrapbook layout, spent so much time editing pictures, had some lovely visits from my sisters and friends, didn't go to karaoke once, bought a fabulous bag for $2 at burlington coat factory, loved watching my husband perform on the theater stage, found a perfect tattoo, got the biggest sty in my eye i've had in a long time, completed 4 more weeks of my 52 weeks project, went to the tricities for our special assembly day and sat with my mum and dad, went to canada with chris to pick up my new computer, got to know my friend nani even better, hurt my foot at play rehearsal, entered a picture in a photo contest, said "so-arry" till i laughed so hard, listened to Tegan and Sarah on pandora, made plans for our vacation in june, oh, and Windows 7.... it was my idea! ;)

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  1. Hey Shaina!

    Your blog is ridiculously cute! I love the header especially.

    Thanks so much for stopping by POP Fizz and your sweet comments! I'm sorry you didn't win the Freckled Nest giveaway, but registration for the e-courses is still open. I hope to see you there!!

    xo Nicole