Wednesday, April 28, 2010

we're sooo excited!!

in the very near future im gonna be a mum... a puppy mum that is!! :D yup, you heard right. chris and i have decided that its time for us to get a puppy. and everything fell into place. our friend from the play, jess has two boxers that she just bred for the first time. and now she's got 7 little baby boxer puppies. and boxers are chris' favorite breed....
we saw the pictures on facebook that jess posted soon after her puppies were born... and one little guy pretty much said "hi, i should be yours!"
and we fell in love.

we went to see him for the first time a week and a half ago. he is 3 weeks old in these pictures.

he is a white boxer with a little brown patch over his left eye. we are going to call him Spencer. :D

so i've been doing lots of reading up on boxers and puppies in general. i've decided that i am going to train him using hand signals, just like you would if the dog was deaf. i have a natural affinity for signs being an ASL (american sign language) interpreter, and want to incorporate it into this part of my life too.

things im looking forward to:
  • having a faithful companion and friend to be with me so i'm not alone
  • training my puppy
  • calling him "lil' sir"
  • taking him to play in the new dog park that was just added to our neighborhood
  • being a "mum"
i'm sure there will MANY more pictures of this precious little man in the future. i'm sooo excited that we've "decided to start our family..."
eek!! i'm a happy girl.


  1. So exciting! He looks so cute!

  2. awww; that was my 1st pup's name too. he was the best - good choice!

  3. Awww!! So precious! You're a lucky girl!

  4. Yay!! Boxers are THE BEST! We have two, and we just absolutely love them! They are very intelligent and need lots of training b/c they get their own ideas, but they are SUCH great companions...They are very much people dogs!

    It's awesome you will be training with hand signals as well. Actually, a lot of white boxers are deaf, so that's very fitting. OH, check out - that site was such a great resource for me when we first got Duchess over 8 years ago. Can't wait to see more pictures of little Spencer!

  5. I love him!!! He is soo cute. Anthony's favorite breed is boxer too! I love the boxers and boston terriers. Wish you all the best with training him:)

  6. I know exactly how you feel, girl! I am getting my very first puppy tomorrow and I am dying of excitement. I go to pick him up tomorrow afternoon and I don't think I'll be able to sleep because of the anticipation :) Check my blog to see pictures of him tomorrow!!!

    Your baby is adorable!