Friday, April 09, 2010

my half-way mark

back at the end of February after a conversation with my dad, i picked an end date for my class work... June 1st. so from that day to the first of june we calculated the half-way mark and planned out how many quizzes i would need to have done by then. today is that day!!

i am happy to announce that i am right on schedule (and half a lesson ahead)!!! i am sooo close to being finished with my class and that much closer to being a Medical Transcriptionist!!!

as a reward for reaching my halfway point and having the quizzes completed my dad is getting me a laptop! this will bring me into our century, technology wise, and will be just perfect for when i start my new career!

thank you dad for all your support.
this was just the push i needed.


  1. That is so exciting and good for you!!! Wow, that's a great dad and very gotta love that! Have a great weekend:)
    Love, Jess

  2. Congratulations! Way to stay on track. It's hard when you have to be self-motivated... I'm so impressed! :)