Thursday, February 04, 2010

{things i love} thursday

happy thursday everyone!!
i wanted to try something a little different this week and share with you some of the {things i love} that i use every day. :) sounds fun right?!!

how 'bout facewash?? this product from Avon's Mark. is my absolute favorite.
you can feel the clean tingle, but not in an abrasive way. i love how my face feels after i use it, and it gets eye makeup off really easily!! and, its only $8! total plus!

speaking of makeup... i use sheer cover mineral foundation.
i was a member and got shipments every few months, but that is something i've since given up with the economy we find ourselves in. but i still have one more container of foundation i'm using. after its gone, i'm gonna try Avon's mineral foundation. its only $10! :D i liked using sheer cover because the finish was just what i like, not to thick, or cakey. mineral foundation is easy to apply and covers flaws so well.

for eyeshadow i use some left-over sheer cover samples for my base, but mostly i use e.l.f cosmetics in my favorite colors.
the best thing about e.l.f (eyes, lips, face) cosmetics is their price! killer! most things are only $1 and some of the best i've ever used!! my other favorite eyeshadow is also from Mark. their colors are so pigmented and last all day. my favorite colors from them are luvstruck, rebel, saucy, and corset. *swoon*

i'm realizing now doing this post how much i *heart* Mark. products. i'm about to show you two more that i seriously use every day!!

this is a root lifting spray that i use on my hair when its damp and then blow-dry. it smells kinda "manly" but not in a bad way! lol. and it really works. gives me lift all day.

love it!! find it HERE. and seriously... $5??!! so worth it!

my other new luv from Mark. is something to make me smell good....
this is my newest purchase (a small treat for me) and i love it!! i got a sample awhile back, and fell in love with how it smelled on my skin. so i've been waiting to get it. i only ever have one bottle of perfume at a time and just finished my last one. if you know an Avon rep get them to give you a sample... you might just love it too!

another must-have that i will not leave the house without is mascara. my go-to product is by covergirl. i love the application i get with the brush. i can get it at walmart for about $6.

the last couple things {i love} that i wanted to share are also from e.l.f. lipgloss and nail polish remover pads. their lipgloss was an experiment for me... i don't usually wear it cuz chris doesn't like how it feels when i kiss him. lol. but, for only $1 i thought i'd try this one. its not sticky at all, and i love the color.

now the nail-polish remover was introduced to me when i was a bridesmaid last may. my friend had it in her "emergency" kit for the wedding. and let me tell you, this stuff works like you wouldn't believe. i can do both hands and both feet with one little remover pad. its smells like citrus and works wonders on your cuticles. and is also only $1!! can't beat that!

so hopefully you've found a couple beauty products to maybe try out. don't hesitate to e-mail me if you'd like some more information about anything i've shared. this was a fun post for me!! hope you enjoyed it too.

and again... happy thursday!!


  1. LOVE elf products, such great stuff.

  2. I've literally never even heard of the "mark" brand! But I've heard that Avon is actually incredibly high quality. Maybe I should venture outside of the drug store...

    I've been hearing amazing things about using a tinted primer too recently, before you put on your foundation, that I've been considering. I get so pale in the winter but my skin is really fair so I don't want to tan and give myself a bunch of sun damage. Maybe I need to take a closer look at how my make up kit can help me.... um.... look less sickly and pale...

    lol I'm glad you're finding things that you like! Thanks for sharing and putting them together so carefully here =)