Friday, February 12, 2010

thank you...

for being patient with me these last few days. i am terribly sick. i have strep throat! :( but i'm on antibiotics now and am starting to feel a little better today.

but i haven't been able to blog... barely able to think really. i get silly and lonely and a bit off when im really sick. i get even more clumsy than i usually am. :P

but hopefully i'll be feeling better soon and able to post again.

in the mean-time... here is my week 6 picture for my 52 weeks project. needless to say, its been a rough one.

please pop over to my other blog to read the accompanying poem... 52weeks

thanks again and i'll be back soon.


1 comment:

  1. mmmm, the image on the right totally evokes how i feel when i'm sick. like, please (PLEASE!) just let me feel better!