Tuesday, February 02, 2010

JANUARY 2010: i took lots of photos, started blogging again, sang karaoke as much as possible, decided to start a 52weeks project and started a blog just for that, created some digital scrapbook pages, had a wonderful visit with my mum and took pictures together, stressed out about huge changes at work, started working hard on my class work at home, drank a lot of tea and green tea lemonade, became closer with my "in person" friends, got addicted to playing chuzzle on my phone, drove around with the windows down and didn't have to wear a coat, got in the biggest fight with chris we've ever had, started rehearsals for our upcoming play, Razia's Shadow, got excited for american idol, got frustrated at football games, found a new favorite (bad) snack: chocolate peanut butter bugles, enjoyed our CO visit with Wasyl and Roxane, had fun styling my short blonde hair, enjoyed interpreting ASL again, decided i really do look like drew barrymore ;) and was inspired by this wonderful online world. :)


  1. awesome! i need to come up with a post like this. beautiful pic! congrats on you & Chris each placing in your competition! That's so cool!!!

  2. Ok, so is it terrible that the thing that caught my eye in this post was you and Chris's fight??
    I'm not awful I promise, but I always love reading stuff that proves I'm not the only one in a normal relationship!!!

    And yeah, I went and tried one of those tea/lemonade things, but with black instead of green. And now I'm hooked. I tried to explain to Neil that it was "Shaina's fault". He is not buying it.