Thursday, January 28, 2010

{things i love} thursday
january 28, 2010

thursday is here already... how do the weeks fly by so fast??
here are my most recent flickr faves... i've taken to using these as the wallpaper for my desktop at work. its fun to change it up every week. :D
the two sunset ones were found during The Pioneer Woman's most recent photography contest. great photos... i could get lost looking through all of the entries.

1. Road Sunset, 2. Untitled, 3. praise, 4. Back To The Future With Polaroid, 5. One us... (W2/52), 6. .

for the last couple weeks we've had a little family come over on thursday nights to watch American Idol with us. we just DVR the episodes and save em to watch on thursdays. its been a lot of fun having a bunch of kids running around our place. the littlest one always makes a big mess somehow, but that's kids right?? we've been enjoying our thursday evenings with them.

then after that we go out to sing karaoke. it starts at 9pm here in our little town. we've got our karaoke contest finals on saturday night so i'm eager for some more practice time~!! i've decided to sing "sand in my shoes" by Dido. totally love this song...

another thing i'm {LOVING} right now: green tea lemonade from starbucks!! :D

how are you all this week?? what are you {loving}??


  1. i am not loving you for posting a photo of a green tea lemonade.
    you biatch. we don't get those over here and i periodically have cravings!

  2. Green tea lemonade??? My two favorite things? TOGETHER??? Oh my goodness.
    Your pictures you posted for today make my eyes and heart happy. =)
    Good luck at the karaoke contest!!! xoxo

  3. Great photos! Good luck with the song!

  4. I need to at least visit Starbucks more often... since I'm not a coffee drinker I don't think of them much, but oh man, green tea lemonade sounds amazing.

    love the faves too!