Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i was tagged yesterday on Flickr by the delightful and talented roseymama. (check out her photos...seriously!)

so here we go: 10 things about me

  1. i have a large birthmark on my left inner arm. the doctors told my mum it would fade as i got older, but it never has. that's okay with me...i kinda like it. it changes colors with my body temperature. :P
  2. i am the oldest of 7 kids (one full brother, 2 half-sisters, 2 step-sisters and 1 step-brother) growing up was a lot of fun!
  3. my husband and i were born on seperate sides of the continent: me in northern british columbia, canada and chris was born in hollywood florida!
  4. scarfs are my favorite accessory... i love them!!
  5. i collect elephants and have them throughout my house...not in an overpowering way, but once you know they're there, you'll see them in almost every corner.
  6. i am deaf in my left ear. i was born that way. i've learned to compensate for it...i can read lips and i have learned American Sign Language and help as an interpreter at the Kingdom Hall.
  7. i am very dexterous with my toes...i can pick things up with them and use them for pinching! ;)
  8. most people know this, but i LOVE to sing and go out to karaoke at leaste once a week.
  9. i am in the middle of a medical transcription course and i'm so excited to get started in that field. i'm hoping that will enable me to be a better support financially and be at home more to take better care of our home.
  10. my 3 year anniversary is on June 22nd. time goes by so fast and i fall more in love with my husband every day.
there, that was fun!! did you learn anything new about me??
link me up if you decide to do one of these yourself. i'd love to learn more about you too!


  1. you are lovely and this post was awesome!

  2. I love these types of posts. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Very neat! I knew you taught ASL but not that you were deaf in one ear. Very interesting facts about you dearie! Hope 2010 is treating you well!

  4. I'm like that with my toes as well! Freaks my brothers out. Along with my eye rolling, ha.

    love the elephant thing....