Thursday, July 23, 2009

{things i love} thursday
july 23rd edition

my Flickr faves.

1. cedar, 2. sky fell over me., 3. friendship = good times-->EXPLORED, 4. summer love 2, 5. ., 6. 322/365, 7. 12/365 Sunkissed, 8. Miss C., 9. albertson25, 10. W A R M T H, 11. I dream about you every night., 12. cole1year-5, 13. I, 14. twenty/three six five: love, hard to find, but great worth it when you find it...--->EXPLORED, 15. moore2, 16. TTV Chloe :)

over the weekend my cousin hannah did my hair for me. i'm a blondie again!! and sooo loving it. chris says you can see the different colors better if its straight, so that's how i've been wearing it lately. (and look how long it is!!) now it feels like summer is finally here!! :D
thanks hannah!

this thursday i'm {lovin'} these things:
  • having my wedding band back from the jewlers. it cracked and they had to replace it. i went 3 weeks without it. it feels better back on my hand. :)
  • knowing we're going out for karaoke tonight!! oh yeah.
  • looking forward to another weekend in wenatchee with friends and family. hoping to do some photo shoots. (stay tuned!!)
  • deepening friendships... *sigh*
  • having chris around again. his presence calms my soul
  • my job, and the freeness it gives me to pursue other things as well
  • new scrapbook paper
have a lovely thursday everyone.


  1. thank you thank you for helping me with my flickr issues!! (hehe!!)

  2. question: is your hair straight or curly, naturally? i ask because your curls are beautiful and i have naturally straight hair and they DO NOT hold a curl at all. any tips?

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your hair!!!! LOOKS AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. man you look great in both if you ask me. definitely blonder in the "after" picture.

  5. i love your new hair Shaina! and your flickr faves are juicy! great collection :)

    Hugs, LA