Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm a scrapping scarf*girl

so i've decided that i am now a "scarf*girl." i have a few that i just love, got a couple new ones last weekend, and my friend mathea gave me the one in the picture. i'm loving them. i want to have something thats just me, you know?? so scarves it is!!

i've also been doing some scrapping just for me. feels good to create pages with pictures that mean something to me, or about a topic that i needed to write about. these pages are precious to me right now.
thanks for looking.

so chris and i are heading to a movie tonight. getting a pizza to go with it. i LOVE our theater!! :D then tomorrow we're heading to wenatchee for the rest of the weekend. its nice to have some time to spend together and visit friends and family.
i hope you all have a terrific weekend!!

and i hope this makes you smile, like it did me!!!


  1. I'm totally digging scarves too!! I LOVE THEM!! it's crazy how they go with anything and everything!!
    hope you have a good wknd!

  2. LOVING the scarf, the LO's ....and sooooooooooo loving that video...toooooooooooooo funny! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Great job on the layouts! I love the scarves too. I keep seeing people in them this summer, and they're adorable. I'm so hot-natured, though, I know I couldn't stand anything around my neck in the heat we have here in MS. I'll have to stick with my winter scarves! Oh, and I saw that video at work earlier this week...too cute!

  4. Love your pages... I agree about creating for yourself - I don't do near enough of that... and LOVE your scarves idea! Cute pic!

  5. Love the scarves, and the layouts! And I saw that video and cracked up! What a fun entrance!

  6. Cute pages! And, I'm a total scarf addict myself. ;0)

  7. your new layouts are sooo cute shaina. i know what you mean about "scrapping for me." i want to do that soon as well. ahh, so much on the to-do list these days! thanks for sharing :]

  8. loved the video!
    also the layouts!
    i'm a little obsessed with scarves too!