Wednesday, June 03, 2009


last week i did a photo shoot with my friend marta and her sisters.
we started in the local laundromat, moved outside to the sidewalk, and then down to the lake front with railroad tracks and a cool dock.
we had so much fun!

thanks so much ladies for the honor of taking your pictures.

over the weekend there was a carnival down by little soap lake. hubs and i went down, walked around and i took some fun pictures.
while editing i couldn't decide if i liked them better SOOC or with a bit of a vintage wash... then i decided i just liked em together!
what do you think??

i'm in the mood to learn....
today starts week one of my 503Photography workshop.
i have many hopes and dreams and fears for this class. its gonna be a fun experience and i have a feeling i'm going to learn a lot!


  1. Look!! I finally made it down to your blog in my blog reader!! (maybe I read too many? ha!)

    You are going to love your class, I just know it, it'll be awesome.

    Love all these pics darling! Just lovely. I've always wanted to take photos at a carnival - and you know what? this weekend there's one right down the street from me!

  2. Great pictures! I love the ones of them walking down the train tracks. And your carnival shots are wonderful. What is the vintage action that you used? It's great!

  3. Girl! I love those pics you took of your friend and her sisters. They're great! You really have an eye for photography! :)

  4. Great photoshoot! I love shadow pics! So reminds me of Peter Pan!!

  5. Great photos Shaina. I love the Vintage effect, theres just something about it. Hope you enjoy your photography class, and I cant wait to see all of the great pictures that comes along with your learning process!!!

  6. awesome photos!!! love the tinting on them!