Thursday, April 09, 2009

{things i love} thursday

this youtube video made me smile!! turns out its actually a T-Mobil commercial... awesome idea folks!!

and now for my flickr faves... i decided to go with a theme today. feet*love

1. ..., 2. feet in the mirror, 3. Road to recovery..., 4. day three hundred thirty nine. from the bottom of my sole(s)., 5. family, 6. good morning, good afternoon and goodnight, 7. Autumn escapism (365/199), 8. Make. Happy Toes. Smile, 9. I find my feet addicted to the ceiling when hanging upside down.

i also just finished up another blog design! seems the word gets around! i'm loving it!! seriously fun to create for other people something that expresses: "them"
i did this one for jessica:
check out her blog for the other elements!

right now i'm sooo desperate for some new photos to play with and edit! we're going to my parent's place this weekend so i'm going to ask my mum if she'll take some pictures of chris and i. yay! i *heart* photoshoots!
the drummer in chris' band and his wife are having their 2 year anniversary this month. as a gift i'm planning on taking their pictures for them.
all this thinking about photography has got me wishing i had Photoshop! don't get me wrong, Picnik is awesome for what it can do, and that its free, but i've found all sorts of actions online that i want to try that only work with Photoshop.
wanna see some??
i thought you'd never ask!! hehe
blogger is not letting me upload anything else today. :( so there are some links for you to explore anyway. they are so much fun!!

well, that's all for today!
looking forward to the memorial tonight and the special assembly day on sunday. its gonna be a busy weekend!!

have a good one!


  1. oh my gosh ~ that looks amazing,,, does she love it like crazy!!! you totally rock girly ~ i love those flickr favs toooooo!!!! youre so rad!!

  2. look at you there blog designer!!! boy, you come a long way from asking me for advice - now I'd need your help! love your post too - so much cute stuff!! xo

  3. Your banners are totally cute! I am loving that you are creating new banners for my friends!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm in love with the banners you created for ally and jess!!! They are super rad!!! They look awesome!!

  5. Oh that blog header is so cool!!

  6. ohhh that video is so cool!

    and feet!!
    i love feet! :)
    that is probably weird but I do.