Monday, April 13, 2009

monday monday monday

this last weekend visit with my parents was so nice. its been since january that we'd been up to see them. amazing how fast life goes by...
it was a beautiful drive up there saturday afternoon. *sigh* i love roadtrips. and especially ones where chris and i just talk... no music, no nothing. just awesome conversation. i love him so much!
unfortunately we didn't end up doing a photoshoot. :( i was having a bad hair day, and we don't need any photos to prove it! haha! but that's okay. i'll just have to set up the tri-pod and do some myself!
the Special Assembly Day was on sunday in omak. it was an encouraging day focused on our ministry work. the highlight was that we had a member of the govorning body as our guest speaker: brother jackson. oh my goodness...such an honor. he was a fantastic speaker... funny, encouraging, and moving. definately a highlight of the day. it was also nice to see everyone from my old circuit too. amazing how fast all the little ones are growing up...seeing people i grew up with married and having babies... it was a wonderful day.

so today is also brings a new prompt over at THe CrEatiVe TyPe!! prompt #15 already!! the challenge: words + photos...use words on your pictures. a fun unique way to journal on your page.
here is the layout i did:
this page is completely and unabashedly inspired by my dear dani. she uploaded this page last week and i was instantly inspired! thanks pretty girl!

so what are you waiting for?? this prompt is so much fun! my suggestion: find a photo with lots of "white space" that you can fill with words. pick one and play along! add it to our comments section on the post and don't forget to upload it to our FlickR GrouP!! can't wait to see what you create!! <3

and once again i have something SOOOO EXCITING to share!!! you'll never guess what i won this time?!!!
a photography workshop from 503photography worth $195!!! i am just ecstatic!!! pretty much speechless.... check it out HERE! i am so honored and i can't wait to learn from such an awesome photographer! <3
dude.... i'm so excited!


  1. Hi!!
    I know Ally and love her blog update...can we discuss a blog design for me? The price, etc?


  2. What a great weekend! Congrats on winning such an awesome prize!

  3. lol, i need some of your winning power!
    lovely page :) i may join in with this challenge!

  4. inspired by me??
    Shaina you make my heart happy!!!

    and I love what you did - isn't the circle idea fun one? I never do stuff like that usually but I had fun when I layered the papers that way.

    AND DUDE, congrats on winning that photo workshop, that is freaking awesome! you're on such a winning streak, and you deserve it!