Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wednesday realizations

interesting that they call this day "hump day"

i'm feelin it.
maybe because i've been working mondays and tuesdays the last couple weeks and so it really is a real wednesday today. different for me... not too pleasant.
i feel like i should be done with work for the week, but i've still got 3 more days of it.

and its slow dead slow.
and no one is posting anything new online. at least not as fast as i'd like. i'm up to date on all my contacts pics on flickr. my bloglines shows no new entries. and i've checked my e-mail at least a dozen times today and still nothing new.

its only 3 pm.

i should be working on my class. that's what i should be doing. but instead i'm gonna finally get the adele concert pics edited, uploaded and add em to this post. hey, some color within the text! there's a thought! my class is frustrating me. i'm like way behind, which you wouldn't think possible in a go at your own pace class, but the school sent me a letter saying pretty much: hello!!?? you still alive?? gonna send an assignment anytime soon?? so yeah, i gotta get on it. i'm just worried i got myself in too deep with this one. worried about my abilities. lame-o!

i'm so ready for february to be over. can i officially dub this "hump month??" does that work? its weird cuz there are fewer days, but it seems like i'm having to stretch the money farthur than before. probably just cuz chris isn't getting unemployment anymore, and isn't getting paid till the last day of the month. ouch! its been a rough one. you think if i pay my power bill 7 days late that would be okay? and the phone bill? and the car insurance bill?

i'm loosing my mind and pulling out my hair!!!

i'm worried about something i have to do tonight. i've put it off for far too long, and now i'm regretting it. but its gonna be painful. and i'm really scared. but i've prayed long and hard about it and i know its time...know that i need to do this.
i hope everything works out alright...even if it takes awhile.

k, nevermind about the pictures for this post. maybe later today.
i need some fresh air.


  1. Hope you're feeling better!!!
    Hope things go ok tonite...whatever it may be!! I'm always here for you!!! xoxo
    And yes, it IS ok if you pay things late. Trust me!!! But not too late or they shut it off. lol Believe me. I've tested this all out recently. Let me know if you need specifics, lol.
    Love you!!!!

  2. ooooh girl, I feel you exactly.
    We are broke broke broke and next month is going to be all about paying things off and spending no fun money.
    We will both get through it though - don't stress and email me if you need to chat!