Friday, February 13, 2009

sick :(

i am seriously SO SICK right now!!
pretty much hit me hard core on tuesday morning and been going strong since then. chris is feeling a bit better though, so that's good. now its his turn to take care of me. :) he's so good at that. <3

so right now chris and i are in wenatchee at his mum and dad's place for a visit.
i wasn't gonna come cuz i didn't want to get them sick, but mum said she'd get sick from her kids she babysits anyway. so i came too.... i really needed a "mum hug" ya know?? she made us homemade pizza (with calamada olives and artichoke hearts, my fave!!) and banana nut bread too. thankfully i can swallow this evening. :P

i was talking to my mum on the phone today, and she brought up an interesting concept: maybe we've got some really bad mold in our apartment causing us to get so sick all the time. serious concern...and a very plausible one. the thing is we really aren't in a position right now to try and move. :( well, i'm sure ready for some serious spring cleaning!!

anyway, i hope everyone has a nice weekend.
we will.
there's a kingdom hall remodel going on here in town this weekend, and some volunteers staying here at chris' parents place too. so lots of visiting and making new friends.
i love that!



  1. I hope you feel better soon!!!!!
    We've thought mold could be our problem too!!!! Can't wait for warmer weather and Spring to get here!!!!
    Get better soon, Love!!!!!
    Sending great big hugs your way!!!!

  2. Sorry you're sick! Your mom may be onto something there. Maybe you should bring it up to your landlord and ask them to have someone come in to test for it.