Friday, September 12, 2008

so let me tell you a story....

so yesterday at the place where i work the toilet overflowed.... and BAD! i had the door closed, the music on, and lots of customers so i couldn't hear it running all over the floor. when i finally noticed it there was a huge puddle everywhere. so i just reacted! i turned the water off at the valve, grabbed what towels i had and called the other lady i work with to bring some of her towels down. and i got it cleaned up. then i called the landlord and left a message on his phone saying that i had a bit of a flood and that there was something wrong with the toilet. he gets the message and comes running down. (here is the part where i need to insert that this man is not kind to women, and is one of the most condescending, rude men you will ever meet.) so he shows up. figures out what's wrong with the toilet, fixes it and goes on his way.

then today he comes back by. he hands me a box and says: "you made my day yesterday so now i'm making yours." the box is full of chocolates and and a thank you card that reads: "thank you for your effort. you reacted above the cal of duty."

so there you go! its nice to be appreciated, especially by a man such as him. cool eh?

tonight chris and i are planning on going out to sing karaoke. i am SO EXCITED!!! its been forever since we've went out together. and i miss listening to my boy sing. can't wait.

i decided to get in on Rachel Denbow's new art journaling class: steady hands; faulty heart. i have some ideas floating around in my head.... hoping to get some things together tomorrow and get some pages made.

i am totally inspired......


  1. YOu totally deserved those chocolates!!
    Xx Jess

  2. That was a cute story. You deserved those chocolates, although after cleaning up a overflowing toilet, I dont think I would be able to eat the for a bit:)

  3. Oh I'm sure the class will be awesome!
    But which is more awesome... Rachel's class, or the fact that the man gave you chocolates!!!! :)

  4. that is truly nice to hear. it's pretty cool when people surprise you isn't it? it's so rarely happens....

    how'd you get into rachel's class? i was actually thinking about that...