Wednesday, September 10, 2008

so i stamped
i hand stitched
i wrote.
and i love it.

this is my bio-page done for THe CrEative TyPe. its not up on the site yet, but i loved it so much i wanted to post it here. :D

i've been feeling creatively stifled lately. not sure why. but then i got a quite note from rhi. exactly what i needed to hear. so tonight i'm going home to create. because *i AM art*
thanks rhi!

i've also started a really cool photography series called: "september sunsets" and i've been taking a picture of the sun setting each day of this month. so head on over to my flickr stream and check it out.
i <3 fall!


  1. I love the LO too!

    Love from fellow Typist, Steph x

  2. i loooove you bio page!! you're just too darn cute.