Wednesday, September 17, 2008

its wednesday....but this is my "weekend update"
(cuz monday and tuesday are my "weekend")

i went shopping
and found things that fit
and make me feel good about myself.
its my new favorite store: maurices
and i'm going back as soon as possible!
and the tiny scrapbook store was having a sale!
i got stuff i needed (and used it that night!)

my sister megan came to visit.
i missed that girl....
she is turning into a beautiful woman.

i took her shopping! and gave her 4 bags of clothes out of my closet.
feeling good to purge....

monday was bookstudy.
signing is feeling natural again.
i interpreted a big chunk of the meeting on tuesday.
and was proud of myself.

i love my coffee job. :)

chris and i had our first fight.
but we're all good.

i got to drive the car a lot! it made me smile.

i talked to kelly.
i talked to micah.
i talked to RD.
i talked to my mom.
and then i paid the phone bill. :P

this is last night's sunset.
pure magic.

all in all.... that's all there is.
and i'm writing it down.


  1. That's really neat that you interpret at the meetings. We used to have the hearing impaired at our assemblies and it was so moving to watch them during songs.

  2. So while stalking your flickr page, I discovered your blog. I really enjoy it! I love list-type blogging. I do it a lot. :)