Thursday, September 18, 2008

days of photo editing are my favorite!

so i've got a cd full of pictures from shelby and charly's wedding that i've been working on~ so much fun. while at the wedding, and all the family was together, my aunt kathy asked me to take some pictures of her kids and grandbaby aiden. so i edited them for her today, along with some others i'd like to share.

and here are some more of my favorites from the wedding.

i really hope that everyone likes their photos. i simply love being a photographer and continuing to learn and grow in my skills and personal view. its a fun process.


  1. what kind of camera do you have?

  2. i was using my mom's new kodak easy share camera dad just bought for her.
    the "easy" part is so true!

  3. cool. my easy share took awesome photos, but it started eating batteries, even expensive ones so i ditched it and recently bought a digital SLR canon rebel xsi. i'd love to see what magic you could work with it. maybe if we're ever down there