Friday, August 22, 2008


  • i'm glad for cool breezes and the feel of fall in the air
  • i'm working on my ATC's for the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 swap im in
  • having a slow day at work
  • enjoying playing with a new photo editing site i found called picnik
  • wishing we could figure out what to do about our car situation
  • drinking lots of water
  • thinking about keeping the stray cat that adopted us a couple days ago (i've already named him dexter :D )
  • worrying about my hubs and his job shtuff...
  • planning on buying more nectarines and plums after work
  • excited to watch the episode of project runway i DVR'd last night
  • going to the library to pick up the book i ordered: understanding exposure by Brian Peterson and so looking forward to it
  • missing my girls and their laughter already ( i have a bunch of photos from their visit, but i have to wait for KT to send me the right cd with them on it. can't wait to share more of their visit. it was so good to see them)
  • listening to imagene heap on repeat on my cd player
  • missing my mom
  • hoping for a wonderful evening


  1. when will you go online?

  2. Perfect!!!

    I'm glad this worked for you.
    Congrats on your DT for Type...looking good!