Saturday, August 23, 2008

our new addition

meet dexter

he adopted us a few days ago. just waltzed right on in to our apartment and made himself at home. he is so friendly and well behaved and fun. he is part Siamese and i'm thinking Persian. white with light gray and beautiful blue eyes! i think i've fallen in love. honestly i think i really needed him. he follows me around the house, sits with me, and his presence is comforting. and he is funny! he chased this little girl out of our yard and right back into her house, and then came back all proud of himself. we've had him spending his days outside and then staying in with us at night. he's claimed one of our chairs as his own, and goes between it and our bed during the night.

cute eh?
oh yeah!

i've made up a "found" poster to hang up at the local grocery store and the post office. we've been asking around and no one knows where he came from. one lady said that if you find a cat around one ever comes to claim it. i'm hoping she's right because i'm getting pretty attatched. and i don't even like cats!! :) he's good for me.


  1. ah congrats to your new family member. hopefully you'll be able to keep her.

  2. He's lovely.
    There's nothing like having a cat around the house its the best thing in the world. I hope you get to keep him.

  3. Dexter is gorgeous! I hope you get to keep him!

  4. Oh...He's mine!!!

    LOL..Seriously he is awesome. You so should keep him. He is gorgeous.
    I have 3 cats. They bring me great joy.

  5. Dexter is adorable! Everyone needs a cat, IMHO. Congrats on joining the design team. I'll have to go check out their website. It's nice to see another sister scrapbooking. ;o) Have a niced day!