Friday, April 18, 2008

this is life...
i took this picture of chris this morning. LOVE IT!! he was driving though during work and stopped to say hi to me. i love him so much. these are some of the text messages he sent me the other day:

"i love you. you are my peace, my shelter and solace in this crazy world. my world is brighter because of you."

"you always seem to impress make my every day better."

"thank you for loving me. there has never been a time when i regretted marrying you. every moment is a treasure."

need i say more? this man is amazing. i am blessed to get to spend my life and my every day with him.

here is my 365 for today. just in a grateful for love mood. its my precious ring and wedding band.

and i was playing around with the camera this morning (kinda becoming an everyday occurrence....liking that) and got this picture. i thought it showed my new hair cut really good. BANGS again. :)

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