Wednesday, April 23, 2008


last saturday chris and i had our photos taken by my new friend Lisa. we got some really great ones that i'm planning on sending out for our anniversary to all our friends and family. but there are some not so formal ones i can share here. this is one of my favorites. :) we had a lot of fun taking pictures. i'm really fortunate that chris is so cooperative and enjoys doing things like this with me. he is such a good sport. and so photogenic. my handsome man....

sunday was our special assembly day in kennewick. chris, me, amanda, and cameron stayed at jon and mercades house. well actually its jon's parents place. they are there for awhile till they find a new house themselves. it was great. his parents fed us dinner and made our lunches for the assembly. i love them. and jon's little niece anna just loves me. she is 2 and has curly red hair. what a cutie!

the assembly was always. it was focused on the thought of letting jehovah mold us like clay and being willing to follow his direction. the bethel speaker was especially good. i was just glad that i wasn't trying to interpret his talk cuz he talks really fast. i was glad that we were able to go on sunday because all of my old congregations were there...omak and spokane. so there were a lot of people there i had been missing. it was good to see everyone.

my beautiful friend amanda and her husband cam

my mom and dad

my beautiful mother and i

"our posse" salma, me, and summer

salma, me and amanda
(in the bathroom at the chinese restaurant)

all in all it was a great weekend. chris and i got sick monday, though, so this week has been a little rough. he missed work yesterday and today. monday night he went to bookstudy and conducted in ASL again. he is doing so well. i am so proud of him.

that's all for now. haven't really been feeling good enough about myself to take pictures lately so i haven't. will do some more later. :)

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