Monday, April 07, 2008

so much to share!!!

wow. what a weekend.

friday night was great...just like i had hoped it would be. this is the only picture that i got. :P sorry. got so caught up in laughter! but we had a lot of fun.

then saturday morning i went in service and when i got home my husband had decided to shave his head again! woohoo! what a handsom man. i love how spontaneous he is. luv this guy!

saturday afternoon we watched the movie DAN IN REAL LIFE. one of the best! i laughed out loud (nothing new) cried (also nothing new). my suggestion: watch it!

on sunday we had the special talk...also given around the world. i was privileged to be able to help interpret it for the deaf ones in our hall. i have been doing a lot of interpreting at our meetings lately and getting more and more comfortable with it. jehovah has blessed our move i think...we feel wanted and needed in this new congregation.