Friday, June 02, 2006

when all i can do is update !

i can't beleive that its been so long since i've posted. life is just crazy. but really, when isn't it?


  • i went to my first concert (yeah floater!!!) in spokane with nick and everyone. what a fun night and weekend!

  • we finally got the keys to our new house. we've spent the past week or so ripping out carpet, painting, putting in tile and the new carpet went in this afternoon. it looks so good. tomorrow we're unloading the storage units. i'm looking forward to it. i got to paint my room the colors that i wanted (a dark chocolate brown and a bright garden green) and my dad put a hole in the wall so that two previous bedrooms are now one bedroom for me. it turned out pretty cool.
  • got some bad grandmother has breast cancer. i still don't think that i've fully grasped the fact. kind of in a daze about it. quite shocking. and i'm scared....
  • i met jen's new love interest: nathan. he's hot. fun to have someone new to talk about. i'm sick of being in omak.
  • work is going well. i'm headed to wenatchee in a couple weeks to do a day long training in the branch down there. that should be cool.
  • i'm leaving on wednesday to go up north for the convention in PG. planning on pick in up our bride's maid dresses in kelowna and i'm taking kelly's dress up too. so there is going to be a "wedding in my trunk" ! haha. its going to be nice being up north. i've been away too long. i need some real mountains and cool breeze. i can't wait. and kelly and jeff are in the drama. cool eh?
  • really hungry right now. really...

g'nite for now.... :)

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