Saturday, June 03, 2006

there is nothing that clean jeans and diamond earings can't fix!

WHAT A DAY!!! we are now moved into our house. everything is out of our 2 huge storage units. dad got a big u-haul and lots of brothers came to help and we got everything moved in one load. it is so amazing how much stuff we have. it is nice to get it all back though. its funny how you can miss things. it even smelled good. i missed our "house" smell.

we've all been working sooo hard lately. sweating and messy. we were invited to dinner at the freel's tonight, so i put on some clean jeans and my new diamond earings. it made me feel better.

the next couple weeks are going to be pretty crazy. on wednesday after work i'm heading up north to see Kelly and go to the convention in PG. i am soo excited about it. on my way up i'm stopping in kelowna to pick up our bridesmaid dresses. so i'll pretty much have a wedding in my trunk with all the dresses. haha. i'm looking forward to the drive up. about 8 hours or so by myself in the car. i'm in desperate need of some alone time, so i'm looking forward to that.

then i'll be home the next wednesday for service and work, only to leave that night to go to wenatchee. i've got a day of training at the bank there on thursday so i'm staying with hannah and caleb and making a nice trip out of it. can't wait for that.

then on friday i'll come home from wenatchee, work, then head up to summerland for the weekend. i've got a good "sister weekend" planned with megan and katrina. we're doing out age shirt thing again for this year when we get matching shirts made with all our ages on them. that should be fun. i'm missing them. they're getting so old so fast.

well, hopefully everything goes well. i can't wait! its great having a car again so that i can travel like this. i've really been missing it! :)

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