Saturday, April 08, 2006

so its been sooooo long since i've posted on here. i've spent the last week being sick! :( not so fun.... but now i'm getting better. just in time for life to get crazy! this is going to be an interesting month. this week in particular. i've got service and work as usual and then i have a part on the service meeting on tuesday. (demonstration) and then the memorial is on wednesday night. then bookstudy and then we head to kennewick on friday for our SAD ;) (special assembly day) i'm really looking forward to that. nick, i'll see ya there! yes! then kelly is coming the day after the assembly for a week. this will probably be the last time we spend time together without her being a married woman. i think the wedding is coming faster than anticipated. oh well. she's happy.

work is going really well..both jobs. i'm turning out to be not that bad of a bank teller. and i really enjoy working with the girls in there too. counting money is fun! :D lol.

anyway, i've got to go again. its strange how now that my life is full of stuff it seems like i have less to write about. i guess my days are pretty much the same all the time. oh well...

ps. Ice Age 2 was a really really funny movie! go see it NOW! :)

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