Saturday, February 04, 2006

these days....

i've been feeling happy! the sun has been shining so that makes a big difference. jennifer and hannah bought me my "frumpy pioneer jacket" as a gift. what a surprise! i LUV it. :D things are better with that friend that i was talking about before. we're good now, and i'm glad. i watched a really cute movie last night called in her shoes. made me cry...but that's nothing new! :P i got some new cd's made today at lou's and kj said that she found my anna naliak cd that i thought i lost! happy about that. :D :D i got to work yesterday doing construction clean-up. it felt good to work hard again. and on monday i have an interview with Payless Shoes. plus i had a good meeting with the manager of the wells fargo bank here in town, that might end up in a job as well. i have to go see her again on monday as well. hopefully somethig works out. i've also been scrapbooking more than usual. trying to get caught up. its been fun cuz i'm trying new things and trying to expand my scrapbooking style. having fun playing around with things.

well, that's all for now. i hope that everyone is doing well. i'm sorry that i've been slacking with my e-mails. just know that i haven't forgotten you at all or anything. LUV YOU!!


  1. one question....what's a frumpy pioneer jacket?!

  2. i'll bring it when i come to visit you next! you'll just have to wait and see! ;)