Wednesday, February 08, 2006

movie nite! :D

tonight i saw when a stranger calls. wow!! what a psycho movie. my mom, lou, shelby, roxanne, derek, dustin and me all went. fun group to go to the movies with. we were all freaking out! the whole thing was so intense. so go see it if you're up for it. ;)

lately i've been working for a brother in my hall. its lou's dad actually. he has his own janitorial business and he's got me working on construction clean-up of the new behavioral health center. i've gone two days now. vacuuming and cleaning doors and dusting and stuff. lots of stretching muscles that i havent' used in a while. pretty sore now :P but its been fun.

tomorrow i go back to well's fargo bank to talk to the manager about getting a job there. we'll see how that goes. :) :)

oh and the seahawks lost the superbowl. i was sad about that. this was the first season that i've actually watched almost every game and was actually really into it. too bad they lost. but there were some great commercials, though. that part is always fun too!

well, i should get going. i've got to get some sleep sometime i suppose. night night. hehe.


  1. oh oh guess what! I got a job... well 2 jobs since i'm still at best buy but that means i get more hours which equals more green if ya know what i mean *wink* lol! peace out! i am SUCH a nerd! WOW!

  2. that's awesome!! i'm so happy for you. luv luv ! :D