Tuesday, February 28, 2006


i'm going to be a bank teller! i went in last thursday for my interview and the bank manager at wells fargo, kim, called me this afternoon and said that they would like me to work for them! :) i'm sooooo excited. and the hours will work perfectly with my service schedule. M-T: 1:15 to 5:15 and F: 2:15-6:15. i am just so amazed at the way that this has worked out. jehovah really does provide when you do your best to put him first. and on top of that i'm also working 2 nights a week for walt doing janitorial. so things are looking up. :) which probably means that something else is going to go dreadfully wrong...but let's try to have a positive attitude! so i start at the bank on thursday. well, there is my good news for the day that i wanted to share. :)

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