Monday, February 27, 2006

breaking new: baby owl rescued!!
tonight i was driving lou home and we spotted something on the road. as we drove past we both were thinking: 'that looked like an owl!' so we turned around to look again. at first i was freaking out cuz it just looked like a big ball of fur stuck in the middle of the road. then lou got out of the car with me too and we walked over to it....THEN IT OPENED ITS EYES!!! so we ran screaming back to the car. then we just sat and watched for a bit. then it turned its head all the way around at us and was blinking. then it started flapping its wings too...but it couldn't move. so then i had the genius idea to go get carol downey (the local vet that is also deb's bible study, so i know her) since she lives just down the road. so we went and got her and she came with her daughter and picked the baby owl up in a towel. so she's taking it home to see what's wrong with it. i'll call her tomorrow for updates! :) lou and i have decided to name it oscar! what an adventure!!

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