Saturday, December 17, 2005

my body aches!!!

today we took 4 HUGE truckloads of stuff to the two storage units we're renting until we find a new house. i am sooo tired! its amazing how many things you can acumulate, even after only 7 years in a house. we have 5 rocking chairs...i mean, who needs 5? other than my mother...... ;) but the 4 of us had a good day today. dad, mom, KJ and me. we worked hard and got a lot done. pretty impressive!

so we only have a few more days left in our house. we're going to be renting grandma and grandpa's other house in omak until we can find and move into a new place of our own. i guess that's going to be cool. i'm just a little bit sad about leaving our place.

these are the pictures of kelly and her boyfriend jeff that i promised. how cute are they? i just luv these pictures. they make me smile and make me miss my kelly already!

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