Thursday, August 14, 2014



Today I went to the Grant County Fair with my dear friend Nani. These hand chairs were all over the place and they’ve always made me smile. Who wouldn’t want one of these things? My favorite was seeing a guy sitting in a ticket booth who looked all professional from the front, but was totally sitting in one of these chairs. It was like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. Oh yeah!

It worked out good for today’s prompt to find this chair, but what I really wanted to share when I saw “hands” on the list, was my love of something else hand-related: sign language.

I learned sign language a few years ago and I think it is my favorite language. I love it even more than English due to its completely different way of expressing emotions and thoughts. It touches my heart like nothing else. I miss using my sign as I don’t have regular interaction with the deaf much anymore, but I had the opportunity to meet a deaf man yesterday while at a class for work and it all came flooding back to me…my love of the language and my desire to express myself with my hands and my face and my whole body, which is what ASL is.

I was glad for the reminder, the chance to communicate and remember the beauty of this language that I love.

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