Sunday, March 02, 2014

March Squat Challenge

This month I’m taking my weight-loss and health goals one step further and adding in some exercise now that we’re done with Phase 2 of our HCG diet. I’m doing a squat challenge for the month of March and invite you to join me! Here is the plan for every day and my goal is to work up to 200 squats on the 31st!


What are the benefits of doing squats? They are a functional exercise that help you perform real-life activities better. They help promote balance, mobility, flexibility and body-wide muscle building. They are awesome for your legs and butt, but also impact your abs and lower back muscles. An overall amazing choice of exercise. I’m really excited to work on this for the month of March.

I decided to keep track of how my body changes so I took before pictures (who me? hehe). I got that TimerCam app on my iPhone for taking self-portraits and it worked really great for these.


So will you join me? Feel free to start with 35 tomorrow, or start at the beginning and just go a couple days into April. I’d love to hear your story and motivation for wanting to try the challenge. Lets encourage each other! I’m using the #marchsquatchallenge on instagram during the month to stay connected. Feel free to join me.


Have you done a month-long fitness challenge before?
Were you successful? What struggles did you face and how did you overcome them?
Please share your stories below in the comments.


  1. Be careful though - you can go into kidney failure. I have seen it!

  2. Ooh! Squats are tough, I did a fitness challenge for myself this past month (February...shortest month of the year.) Where I challenged myself to exercise everyday for 20 mins. I made it 23 of the 28 days. My problem is when I fall off the bus, I have a hard time getting back on. I went 5 days in a row without doing anything but then I told myself even though I didn't "make" the challenge, I could still finish strong, so I finished the last two weeks and still count it as making it out on top. :)