Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recent Design: PS Rowland

A couple of months ago I got a message on Facebook from my friend Pam who revealed to me that she was getting her book of poetry published! I was super excited for her, and that excitement grew when she asked me a bit about my design services and my perspective on author’s websites. We talked a lot about it and in the end, she hired me to design her brand new website to be released with her book. I was honored.


It has been such a great project and, as with every one I undertake, a learning process. Pam knew the feel she wanted for her site and we nailed down the colors based on the sweet sunflower picture we used for the background. We focused a lot on navigation and ease of use for her readers and I think we accomplished that. I love the final product and how well it matches Pam’s personality and her poetry.

Here is the final product. Click through to view it live at!


Here’s what Pam had to say about the process:

"As a new author I was in need of a professional working website. I did a market search, and consulted with many web designers. It was a mind boggling daunting process. I then remembered my friend Shaina was in the biz. So I contacted her, and wanted to jump for joy for how easy she made it for me. Her upbeat, "can do" attitude was refreshing. Her calmness when I was frantic was very soothing. Her artistic qualities, and thought process made it a breeze. I love the soft romantic feel she gave to it, which is perfect for the poetry I write. The ease of use for readers is the best. I've already received SO many compliments. I chose the PERFECT person for the job, and would HIGHLY recommend her for anyones needs. Thanks Shaina!"

Thanks so much Pam for trusting me with this project and working with me to make something beautiful. I hope that it continues to fit your needs as your readership expands with the publishing of your book. Congratulations and thanks for sharing this part of your journey with me!

Want to learn more about Pam? Follow her on FB and see her brand new book of poetry available for purchase here.


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