Monday, May 06, 2013

What I Do

“So, what do you do?”

I have answered that question many different ways throughout my life. For a couple of my jobs I worked at my hobby: scrapbooking. That was pretty awesome. And I really love the jobs I have now: part time at the Credit Union and then doing work as a Marketing Specialist for a local non-profit.

But if I couldn’t answer that question with my job, how would I respond?

I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and view it as a privilege to go from house-to-house and teach people about the Bible. I volunteer my time and it’s a priority in my life. And working with the Russian group has been a blessing. I find it so interesting to meet people from other cultures and have spiritual discussions with them. So, I do that.


I am a photographer. Being behind the lens is a passion of mine and I particularly enjoy taking portraits of woman and couples in love. Since I was diagnosed with IBS I’ve had to slow down in my photography, but I have a couple shoots in the works for this spring that I’m really looking forward to. I love to give pictures as a gift and capture moments of love that will last forever. I do that.


I am a blogger. I have been an active blogger since 2005, and it’s a huge part of me. I find that it helps me live with intention and I cherish the record of my life that is contained in the archives. Blogging has connected me to so many amazing people. I’ve made life-long friends and made connections and had some terrific experiences all because of blogging. I love being a part of this online world. I do this.


I am wife. This is the most important roll I’ve ever played in my whole life. Growing up I used to fear that I would never find someone who would love me and want to spend their life with me. But Chris and I have been so blessed and we found each other. Our partnership works so well and we make the best team together. Holding hands, supporting each other, living life and being best friends. It is an honor to be his wife and to be the one to hold his heart. I do that, too.


I design blogs for other great bloggers. My desire to create a blog that matched my personality inspired me to learn design and coding for myself first. Then it turned into way more than that and I now create online spaces for others too. I use my design sensibilities and love of color and pattern to form a cohesive look or “brand” for each blogger that I work with. I get to know them and in the end create something that feels like home to them online. It is so satisfying to hear back from my customers how much they love what I’ve created for them. I am constantly learning so I can get better in my design skills and coding knowledge. I’m passionate about design. Love that I do this.


I am a scrapbooker.  This hobby was passed on to me by my mother and I get to carry on the tradition of being a memory keeper. It combines my love of photography and writing and is aided by my blogging. I get so much joy in sharing my pages online and in person and can’t wait to keep going with my Project Life pages. This makes it easy and fun. I’m looking forward to showing you more of those pages too. I love the smell of paper and finding just the right sticker or embellishment to match the story I’m telling. This is something I love to do.


I am grateful for my life and the things that I do. I have work that makes me happy, hobbies that keep me busy and engaged, a purpose in my life and a love to get me through it all. I love what I do.


Blog Every Day in May” challenge. Day 6: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question: “What do you do?”

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  1. Awesome post! I loved reading about all the things you do. :) I need to back up and write about this as well.