Monday, May 27, 2013

Dearest Readers

Hello friends. Today I wanted to take some time to say thank you for the support you give me and my little corner of the world wide web. Its hard to believe that I’ve been blogging since 2005! This blog has morphed from a literal online diary, to a place to update and keep a record of my life, from post after post about scrapbooking to what it is today: a place to find inspiration and real life ways to celebrate the everyday.

I have made so many friends through this space…met so many amazing people that I never would have connected with. People who make my life better and inspire me. Friends who feel close even though we’re miles apart. That is the beauty in blogging, I think. To make connections through shared experiences. It has been a gift and a pleasant constant in my life all these years.

Your comments mean so much to me. Each visit is cherished; each email savored. You make me smile. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. For being part of the little community of friends this blog has created. Your interaction has made it what it is today. And I just love it!


If you’re just new here, please say hello and make yourself at home. I’m glad to have you here. I can’t wait to get to know you all even better! Blogging is just awesome!

Love always…


Blog Every Day in May” challenge. Day 27: A letter to your readers.


  1. Aw, this is so sweet! You are just the cutest! Thank you!
    Hugs xxx

  2. I love your blog and I'm sorry I don't comment more often! =)