Thursday, May 02, 2013

Caramel Popcorn

Having a husband that is fantastic in the kitchen is amazing. He making us incredible food and we’re always trying out delicious new recipes. But every good chef needs their assistant and Chris calls me his Sous Chef. One of my favorite treats is our sweet and gooey caramel popcorn. Chris makes the caramel while I pop the popcorn and remove all the remaining seeds….which is a very important task! Who wants seeds mixed in with their caramel? Not I!

Here is our recipe. You can thank me later…hehe.


You will need:
2 bags of microwave popcorn
12 large marshmallows
half a stick of butter
enough light brown sugar to loosely fill a coffee mug

  • In a saucepan over medium heat completely melt the butter and 10 of the marshmallows. Then add the brown sugar. Keep stirring the whole time. Once the sugar has completely dissolved add the last two marshmallows for a bit lighter color and melt those into the mixture.
  • As the caramel is being made have someone else focus on the popcorn. Pop the two bags and then go through it little by little removing all the seeds and bits you don’t want to eat. I pour a bit onto a plate, pick out the seeds and then move it to a large bowl.
  • Have the popcorn ready so that the caramel doesn’t sit and overcook.
  • Pour the caramel over the popcorn and mix letting the sauce coat the kernels. Let it sit just a bit to cool down and set and then enjoy!

This is the best caramel popcorn I’ve ever had because it doesn’t stick to your teeth, but is still so flavorful and created little clusters of popcorn and caramel like you love.

I hope you try it and enjoy it. Come back and leave me a comment if you do. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I usually just mix peanut butter and syrup in the microwave and pour that over the popcorn. You should try it sometime, it's soooo delish!

  2. Greetings from the link up!

    SO going to try this on the weekend! :)

  3. That sounds yummy!! Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks. Sometimes it's what's for dinner on Sundays. LOL We bought a popcorn popper that makes a huge bowl at a time. I can't remember what it's called, but it has a metal bar that spins while the popcorn pops, similar to a movie theater popper. We love lots of butter & salt. I add nutritional yeast flakes to mine too. We never do sweet popcorn, but I may have to try your recipe!!

  4. I am totally going to try this...the one we make is such a pain in the bum! This looks so easy! Thanks!

  5. caramel popcorn is my favourite, i hate salty popcorn. i might try this out at the weekend, ill let you know how i get on. thank you!

  6. Um, wow, YUM. I'm coming at you from the #blogeverydayinmay challenge and LOVING this recipe! I guess I knew caramel popcorn should fundamentally be simple but this looks easy enough AND amazing! Rock on!

    ~Brooke @ Who Moved My Cheesecake?

  7. Oh MY. Sounds heavenly!