Friday, May 17, 2013

A favorite photo


This picture was taken in July of 2006 by my cousin Jenny. We were in a little park sitting with the boys we liked. Chris and I had been dating just a couple weeks at that point and she was in “deep like” with Chris’ buddy Nate. The boys were in town on a pool job for the company they worked for and we all met up one night once they were done. We hung out together, talked and told stories and sang songs (this was the night “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls became ‘our song’) drove around, played cards and just got to know each other better.

The photo is not perfect by any one else’s standards, but this is my favorite photo that I have of myself because I remember exactly how I felt at that moment. I remember how new that feeling of love was.  I remember the butterflies in my stomach and the beating of my heart as we sat beside each other.  So hopeful and excited and expectant and joyous. Jenny said that I was glowing…and I agree. 19 years old, crazy in love and eager for what was to come.

And what was to come turned out even better that I’d hoped. That’s why I love this photo…because it captures all of those emotions for me. It make me smile so big when I see it. I am thankful to Jenny for having her camera with her that day and for the beauty in blurry moments.


Blog Every Day in May” challenge. Day 1: A favorite photo of yourself and why.


  1. Such a sweet story!! Some of my favorite photos are blurry, too :)

  2. Wow, pictures are amazing, you just reminded me about that!

  3. Cute that your fave photo is because of a feeling. I have no idea what my fave photo of me is I don't actually have many! I really need to remedy that. Kel and I have had no pics really since our wedding.

  4. The imperfect photos are always the ones with the best stories - which makes them perfect! Love this photo of you - so beautiful! xxx

  5. awesome story! & reason 1000000000909093207572 why pictures/photography rocks =))