Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Song on repeat

My favorite singing competition show, The Voice, has started back up again and I couldn’t be happier. I just love the concept for the show and listening to all the amazing voices these singers have.

Last week’s episode had one of my very favorite auditions ever. Sarah Simmons sang “One of Us” a song by Joan Osborn. I remember the very first time I heard that song and have loved it ever since…but I’ve never heard it like this girl sang it. Chills and goose bumps and inspiration. Killer! I just had to share it and save it here.

This girl makes me wanna sing! I am looking forward to watching her on the show this season and hopefully taking it to the end. Favorite for sure.

Do you watch The Voice?
Who is your favorite so far?
Do you like how they switched up the coaches?


  1. I was pretty skeptical in the first few lines there, but she did an amazing job of making that song her own in the end.

    I don't usually watch music competition shows like The Voice because I have an issue with them ethically. It's basically a cheap way for the majors to farm talent to which you as the artist are potentially selling your soul for a piece of fame and a craptastic record deal.

    I'm not saying that the folks that appear on these shows aren't talented (most of them are), but they're being played by an industry that doesn't have their best interests at heart.

    I'll get off my "I'm jaded and have worked too closely with the music biz" soapbox and shut up now. ;)

  2. she was pretty good. i loved midas whale though! mondays episode didn't have many that really grabbed me. i wish ceelo was still there but i'm alright with the judges.

  3. Wow, what a powerful performance! I love The Voice, of course I only get to watch the German version, but boy is there some talent out there! xxx

  4. i watch the Voice mainly for Adam Levine, but I'm starting to really like Usher! He's pretty funny. And of course the Blake/Adam bromance is hilarious. I enjoyed Midas Whale + the blonde twins. And anyone who sings country music =)