Thursday, November 01, 2012

Living and Celebrating


Hello November… hello daylight savings time and crisp leaves covering the ground. Hello shorter days and and new schedules. I am ready to welcome in the changes that November will bring. Ready for blogging when I’m inspired and setting new goals and expectations. Ready for reading and learning and designing. This month will be full of figuring out my new phone and applying all the skills I gained at training. There will be less eating out and more money saved; less wasting time and more cuddles; less stress and more time with friends. I just know November is going to be a month to remember in one of the best years I’ve ever had. There is always something to celebrate when you stop and look through grateful eyes. Hello November.


  1. I love this! "less wasting time and more cuddles" those could be words to live by for me.

    1. :) I should turn it into a printable! Thanks for the idea!