Sunday, September 02, 2012

Week In Review


star SUNDAY: We met up with my brother Micah, his girlfriend Shawntel and little Emerson for a visit. Just a couple hours, but it was so good to see them.

star MONDAY: I went to work and did some running around for my boss, dropping stuff off and stuffing folders. Some computer work and laundry. I think I’ve done more laundry at her house than I’ve done in my house in the last 6 months. But I guess that comes with having kids. Then after work I went to visit my friend Lisa who just got back from 2 weeks at Pioneer School. I loved hearing her stories and the points that she took away. Very encouraging. A much needed visit.

star TUESDAY: So while we were visiting Micah he wasn’t feeling very good. And what he had hit Chris and I HARD at about 12:30am Tuesday morning. Chris got it first…I heard him sick in the bathroom and when I stood up to go check on him, I knew I wasn’t far behind. For the next 20 hours or so we were in separate beds and separate bathrooms sicker than sick. Like on the toilet with a bucket at the same time, and that’s the nicest way I could think to explain it. Turns out we got Norovirus. I googled it and the first hit was from the CDC. That’s never a good sign. Extremely contagious. We both were able to call in and stay home on Tuesday. There was no way we could have done anything else.

star WEDNESDAY: Chris couldn’t get Wednesday covered at work, but thankfully I could. He managed through the day in his garbage truck and went right back to bed once he got home. I pretty much stayed in bed. I don’t think either of us has slept that much at one whack in a long time. It was so so awful.

star THURSDAY: I went to work Thursday, but after talking to my boss she said to just take it easy and not push myself through audit paperwork with my head still so fuzzy. That was so kind of her, cuz I really was barely able to focus on customers when I got them. So I watched HULU on my computer and wiped down everything I touched with Lysol wipes.

star FRIDAY: I woke up feeling much better and more like my old self again. My boss could even tell in my voice that I was feeling better Friday. It was a busy end of the month day with lots of loan customers, checks to cash and people buying money orders. And in between I worked hard on the audit.

star SATURDAY:  I went to work and Chris came to the shop with me. He brought his PS3 and our TV down so he could do a system update on it. We don’t have internet at home, so the wireless at work did the trick. Glad we got that this year. I went kept at the audit paperwork. Lots to go through, and only a week until the date. Then we called our friends and hung out with them for the evening. They were building a deck and working in their yard, so we brought a pizza over and hung out with them. Then we all went and saw the Bourne Legacy movie. It was really good. I liked the action and the story line. It was nice to get out of the house and spend some time with friends.


Favorite parts of this week: Seeing my brother and my nephew. Drinking my favorite coffee. And getting over this stupid virus!! And it looks like no one we were in contact with got it from us, thank goodness! What a week! And that explains my unplanned blogging break. I couldn’t even think about looking at the computer while I was sick, let alone blog. Hopefully things will start to get back to normal around here soon. Did you miss me??


What’s the worst kind of sick you’ve ever been?
Does your work have a “stay home if you’re sick” policy?
What was the best part of your week?

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  1. That sounds awful!! I had a horrible stomach virus (well most of the house did) while visiting Brandon's dad in Texas several years ago. It was so bad we had to postpone our trip back home because no one could drive. I'm glad you're better!