Monday, September 10, 2012

Avenue Hair Studio

My cousin Hannah is a regular presence on my blog in all of my “Hair Diaries” posts. She’s been responsible for pretty much all of my adventures in hair colors and cuts. We’ve done my hair in all sorts of locations…a tiny kitchen, a bathroom where we permanently stained the tub, Hannah’s school salon, her new apartment, one salon where she worked, my house…sometimes with a cape, many times with just a towel. Always an adventure! And I’m so excited for Hannah and her newest adventure and space: Avenue Hair Studio on the Ave in Wenatchee, WA.

Hannah has generously opened her salon for me to share with all of you today. We had fun taking pictures and doing my hair one afternoon last week. Welcome to Avenue Hair Studio!


Her and her business partner created a fun modern space with a perfect shade of tiffany blue on the walls and accents of zebra print. It’s a fun, warm and welcoming space.


My current hairstyle really needs regular touch-ups and I’ve loved coming to see Hannah here. We people watch out the big windows and catch up on each other’s lives. This time we added some lowlights to my color and then she freshened up my cut. I love how it turned out. I have another before and after post coming soon. Smile


If you live in the area you should so give Hannah a call and have her work her magic on your hair too. She’s got skills and she’s so creative. I love collaborating with her and coming up with new ideas to try on my hair. Chris really likes how it is now, so the short and blonde might stay a little while longer, though. Its been like this since April, which I think is a record for the last 6 years!

Thanks so much Hannah for sharing your salon with us. And for rocking out on my hair. And for being my cousin. You’re pretty awesome.



Are you loyal to a stylist?
Do you have any fun ‘at home’ hair stories?
What’s your favorite thing you’ve tried with your hair?