Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week In Review

Back when I first started blogging it was kind of just a diary, a daily account of what I’d been up to and the things that happened. And that is one of my favorite parts of looking back through the years on my blog. Since I made the switch to Shadylane and really developed my voice and purpose behind this blog, it feels like I’ve lost a little of that “this and this happened” account. So I thought I’d start doing a “Week in Review” post on Sundays. Mostly just for me to help me remember the details of my everyday life, but you might enjoy the stories too. Smile

starSUNDAY: This was the last day of our convention. In the afternoon we got to watch the drama, which is like a play based on a Bible theme. The title of ours this year was “What Is True Love” based on Proverbs 22:3 and 1 John 4:8. It was beautifully done and I loved the true to life stories portrayed. It made me feel so grateful to Jehovah that I have found true love in my life. After the convention we had pizza with the Butlers, our friends that let us stay at their house for the weekend. They are so kind and fun to hang out with.

starMONDAY: This was my 3rd week at my new job, and it was another busy one. I did a lot of uploading class information to the appropriate websites, registered students and emailed them details for their upcoming classes. And then I worked on transferring a calendar with tons of information to Pages in her new Mac. Kind of tedious since you can’t just copy paste directly. The new page size is different, so I’m working on fitting everything in and having it still look good.  There are a few more projects like this coming up, but it something I really enjoy. And working on the Mac is fun.

 starTUESDAY: Today the kids were there for most of the morning while we worked. The little girl got a mosquito bite that itched really bad, and to keep her from bothering her mum with it I tried to help. We mixed a paste from baking soda to ease the itch and then I distracted her by Googling “why mosquito bites itch.” Winking smile I actually learned something too. After work Chris and I had to take his car into the mechanic to get it looked at. Before we left for the weekend it had been leaking fluid sooo bad! Chris drove my car to work Monday and Tuesday till we could take his to see what the damage was going to be. We thought maybe the radiator would have to be replaced. Thankfully it was just the water pump. But its still a big expense that we weren’t planning on. But the guy that’s doing the work is really a good guy with a great reputation in the community and he instantly put me at ease when we were dealing with him. I feel good paying him the money to fix the car.

 starWEDNESDAY: Back at my regular job today at the Payday Loan/Check Cashing store. I had to file a CTR (Currency Transaction Report) for a check I’d cashed a couple weeks before. There is a new requirement for all CTR’s to be filed electronically now, so I had to set up the account for our business and figure the whole thing out. I’d been working on it for awhile and was having trouble getting the registration to go through, and unfortunately that resulted in me filing the report a couple days late. Hopefully they’ll be understanding with this being our first report on the new system and not give us a big fine. I really just lost a week and didn’t realize I was past the deadline. That caused me a ton of stress…which made me pretty sick. Like instantly. I hate how stress is like an instant and immediate trigger. Lots of pain again…

 starTHURSDAY: I spent most of today between customers finishing up a blog design. I loved working with some fun vintage colors and sports themed fonts for this blog. I’ll be sharing soon once her first couple posts go live. Then after work Chris and I made pasta for dinner together. We had artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, onion, caper berries and a pesto olive oil dressing. It was really yummy. Chris’ mum makes the basil pesto that we use. Its so fresh tasting and just the right touch to a lot of the dishes Chris makes.

 starFRIDAY: I had another blog design that I finished up the elements for today. It’s a classroom blog that I talked about a bit in my second vlog. There are the cutest school themed elements from Leah from Mommyish. I can’t wait to share that completed design either. I’ve been so excited to use image maps for blog headers to create more custom and integrated navigation. I keep learning new things with every design that I do. I can’t wait to keep learning and creating for bloggers. Design work holds a special place in my heart.

 starSATURDAY: On Saturdays I work until 2 and then have the rest of the afternoon to spend with Chris. He stayed with me at the shop a couple extra hours to launch the classroom blog with the wifi available at work. We don’t have internet at home aside from tethering my phone to my computer (which just doesn’t cut it for all I needed to do). Got that finished up. Then I decided to give this post idea a try. Afterwards we went to our friends Becky and Jaime’s wedding. It was a great wedding talk with kind words about the role the husband and wife play in the marriage, and the importance of having God as the center of it. And the party afterwards was so fun! We have some great dancers in our hall, and the bulk of the family of the bride and groom are in the Spanish hall, so they did a lot of salsa dancing. So fun to watch. It was a great day.

Favorite parts of this week: driving home from the convention with Chris and enjoying the gorgeous sunset (pictured above straight from the camera) and the spiritual conversation. Trying a new coffee drink- white chocolate and macadamia nut. YUM! Getting help from my Canadian family for my medical bills. Fresh nail polish. Getting to know all my readers better.
What was your week like?
What was the best part of your week?
Did you try anything new or celebrate something?


  1. Oh, and that sunset is gorgeous! I can't believe that's right out of the camera! What a nice way to end a convention! :)