Saturday, August 25, 2012

We went out for breakfast

Celebrating another beautiful Saturday together.


This is our favorite little café in Soap Lake where we love to go for breakfast. The coffee is great and they have awesome homemade hash browns. We used to come here a lot, but we haven’t been eating out at all lately. We saved up a few pennies here and there this month to have a treat and went out this morning for breakfast. Makes it feel like a special celebration. Love this guy and savor spending time with him. 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Do you have a special diner that you frequent?
How are you celebrating today?



  1. aww you two are such a lovely couple! i hope you have a great weekend together <3 we love going out for breakfast when we can too! xx

  2. You guys are so cute! I love all the pictures that you took.. It really looks like a special ocassion for you! ♥ I'm totally jealous!


  3. I'm huge into ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Yum! I usually get those during the week at the local deli though.

    I don't really have a neighborhood diner that I go to, but if I happen to be hanging out with one of my best friends on a Saturday or Sunday, there's a little diner near her called Daniella's that we sometimes go to for brunch.... Also, brunch is a HUGE deal in NYC, so sometimes we'll go somewhere nicer.

    Today... I'm not really celebrating. I'm catching up on work. Tomorrow will be full of celebration though, our friend George is getting married!

  4. Awh! Lovely breaky date, Shaina! :) Food looks great, I can see why you guys haunt that joint frequently!

    I'm a bigbig fan of yogurt, fruit and granola, or (recently) milk and muesli - I am boring. But! If we're going out, Husband-Guy and I have a favourite indie café that serves outstanding breakfasts - I love the omelette with tomatoes, spinach and feta! With coffe . . . of course. :D

    1. Oh. Hey. You come here sometimes! IF/when you're in the area next, you folks should go to Sassafrass Savouries. AMAZING!