Monday, July 23, 2012

Around Here:

On my reading pile: I am finishing up “This I Know” by Susannah Conway. It is a gem. I start each new chapter thinking “she can’t possible touch my heart more than she did in the last chapter.” But each time I am wrong. Her writing is so pure and she writes as if to a friend. I feel like her friend, and I am enjoying her spirit and her wisdom. Can’t wait to finish this book and do a little book review post.

On my TV: NOTHING! lol. We have our DirecTv service off for awhile. We decided to do a 6-month shut-off, and we’re rather loving it. Lots of time for other better things. We do catch a couple shows sometimes on HULU. We’ve been watching the episodes of So You Think You Can Dance as they come through. Love that show.

On the menu this week: We’re planning on trying a couple new Pinterest recipes this week. Like this teriyaki sauce recipe and a fried egg breakfast pizza. We tried these slow cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches last week and they were really yummy. I want to try making them with my mum’s Caesar salad dressing.

On my to-do list: Today I start a brand new little part-time job for my days off from my other part-time job. So Mondays and Tuesdays will find me a “personal assistant” to one of the smartest ladies I know. I hope to learn a lot and help to “make her life easier,” which is how she described what I’ll be doing. I also have my appointment with the gastroenterologist tomorrow, and I’m taking my mother-in-law with me. She has lived with these types of problems her whole life, so I know she will help me ask the right questions and hopefully get some clearer answers.

What I’m creating: Right now I’m working on finishing a blog design for a repeat customer inspired by vintage sports memorabilia with fun colors and fonts. Beginning a couple new ones also. Another previous customer is having me create a blog for her classroom. She is a teacher and will be using the space to keep in touch with her students and parents throughout the year. I think that such a cool idea and I’m excited to begin the process with her.

Tips & Tricks: A new money-saving tip from Miss Darlingheart :round your paycheck to the nearest hundred and save the difference. So if you have a $340 paycheck save the $40. I think it would be fun to wait and see how much from each check you’ll end up saving. Gonna start doing this with our checks this month.

Looking around my house: I got up early enough this morning that the coffee was still warm from when Chris made it. Score! I look around my house at the remnants of a weekend away and bags still to be unpacked I’m grateful that we took the trip even though the drive was hard on me and I was sick. We so needed a little road trip together and some time away from our regular everyday. It was so good. We had a lovely time.

From the camera: Here are a couple Instagram shots from our drive home last night. I loved the sunset and all the different scenery between Spokane and home.


Happy Monday friends! May the sun rise and warm your face and find you celebrating today for all that it holds.

New list post idea from Elise Martinez. Thanks girl!


  1. Good luck with your new job and I hope your appointment goes well.


    1. Thanks so much Becky. I hope it goes well too. I'm just glad to not have to go alone. :)

  2. My company/ cousin in law made me a weird bitter chinese tea substance for breakfast so i am jealous of your warm coffee

    1. "weird bitter chinese tea substance"....hmm...I think I'll stick to my coffee too. ;)

  3. hm.. 6 months cable free i wonder if i could talk my husband into that to help us save more money. sounds like you have a great week of eating ahead can i come over for dinner?

    1. Yeah, we turned it off to save money too. :) Try that and the round to the nearest $100 trick and you'll save a lot! :D That's what we're trying to do.