Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I love Thursday


Yay! Its Thursday again, and I am so excited to share the little bits of goodness I’ve found lately. Sometimes I come across blog posts and cute things and think: “Man, I wish I’d come up with that idea.” But then I remember: “Oh yeah, I can share it for my {things I love} Thursday post!” It works!


>>>> Joy the Baker and her “Notes to self: how to live, how not to live, and how its okay if I burn the cookies.” The most recent one: You’re Allowed. It just makes me smile when people are real on their blogs. She gets it.

>>>> Sass, Class and Badass: a little e-book from Kate of Wake Up Lovely. It’s a delightfully refreshing take on becoming the women we want to be…from the inside out. From a few little tips to change things up daily to wise lifestyle choices, you'll find something within these pages that you can cling to. Kate's writing will make you think, make you smile, and sometimes make you laugh out loud. Sass, Class & Badass is a fun, quick read with lots of depth. And its free! I really enjoyed all her tips and you should totally download it and read it with a cup of tea this afternoon.


>>>> Water Bottle Eyes…you just have to click the link and check this out. And be forewarned: I’m doing this at the next party I have. You’re all invited!

>>>> Bespoke is an Australian zine with both digital and in print versions that is “made by the handmade community, for the handmade community.” And it is so lovely! The zine publishers take submissions from all around the world and share stories, inspiring blogs, tutorials, photography, recipes and crafts. The zine is put together so well, and is just a joy to read. I got the digital download and loved it, I can only imagine how great it is in print. My favorite article from Issue 6 is called “Caged Creativity: the Peril of Not Reaching our Potential” which delves into the connection between life fulfillment and expressing ourselves creatively. Definitely something I’ve been thinking about lately. The blog connected to the zine is just as yummy! Aren’t the covers just lovely?


>>>> My Pinterest “wish list” board is filling up will all sorts of fun things. Usually its camera gear, but lately I’ve been drawn to cute skirts and hair accessories. And these killer day planners from Erin Condren…so cool! 1-2-3-4-5


>>>> I really want to take this calligraphy class offered by Melissa of I Still Love You. I have a calligraphy set that my mum gave me, and would love to learn how to really use it.

>>>> I love this idea of doing a travel journal in your own hometown. Carrie came up with a list of prompts of pages to create with things like postcards from your town and takeout menus from your favorite places to eat. I love how her mini turned out.



What do you {love} on this lovely Thursday?

What is inspiring your creativity lately?

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  1. wow that journal in your own town looks like an amazing project to try. how inspiring!
    lovely list of loves girl <3
    have a great day! xx