Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shadylane Designs

I have been eager to share my newest blog designs! The two I did this past month have been so much fun to work on, and I love how the colors and the concepts came together. I like to have my clients pull together ideas with Pinterest. Even if they don’t have a fixed idea in mind when they start, once they begin pinning images and pictures it falls together, sometimes even in ways we didn’t expect.

The first one I want to share is for Kristin of Fancy Free Life. She was starting a brand new blog, and as things were coming together she found a scripture that inspired a name change. It was the perfect fit, and we even put the scripture in her sidebar. I love the colors that came out of her pinned images and loved the delicate touch of lace.


I really really love this finished design. The colors, the fonts and how well it matches her personality. It was a pleasure to work with and get to know Kristin too. She’s so sweet and a good photographer. Her most recent blog post is about a photoshoot turned surprise proposal. It’s the cutest story.

The second design I did was for April of Memoirs of a Panda. She is in the military and lives on an air force base in Germany! She was looking for something bright, busy and full of personality…and that’s exactly what her design inspiration pin board was full of! Lots of fun to look at! I pulled colors out of the images she loved and went with bold lines. She also took advantage of the handwriting font option and I was able to use her own personal handwriting in her design. It adds a very personal touch that I love.


“Panda” is a callsign she was given on a deployment and then a training exercise, and now its serves as kind of an endearing nickname that her good friends and a lot of coworkers call her. She embraced it by using that for her blog name. I didn’t want to go to literal with pandas, but there are a couple hidden in the design. You should head over to her blog and see if you can find them! And say hello while you’re there. April is a ton of fun!

Are you looking for a new blog design that really captures your personality? I’d love to work with you! Check out my blog design packages and see if something that I offer will work for you. I’d love to see your name in my inbox!

What are your favorite features to see on a blog?

Do you like sidebars full of links, or a more clean and simple look?

Have you started a Pinterest board for design inspiration?