Monday, June 11, 2012

The Little Things

Yesterday was a full and busy day after a very full and busy week.  We spent the evening with my friend Marta of VonGrey Photography getting our 5 year anniversary pictures taken.  I can't wait to share how they turned out. 

In the car on our way to the shoot.
I love that my husband appreciates photography and has just as much fun as me on these shoots.  I know that there aren't many guys out there willing to spend 3 hours getting their picture taken, and I love that about him.  These pictures will be a treasured memory...the images and the experience.  

As much fun as yesterday was, I am hurting really bad today after such a busy week. I just did too much and wasn't as gentle with myself as I should have been (thanks for that comment Dani). I even got blisters yesterday getting to locations for pictures. If I'd known we'd be hiking I would have worn different shoes. :P

And so today has become a day of rest.  I'm still learning to recognize my new limits and pause and rest when I need to.  

I thought it would be a good idea for me to start a list of the little things that bring me joy, especially on hard days. I want to write them down to save them, savor them, share them, and encourage others to do the same.  Today seems like a perfect day to start. 

  1. Writing in my journal.
  2. Making my husband laugh.
  3. Online courses from inspiring women

Please feel free to share your "little things" in the comments here.  Or blog about it and post a link.  Truly celebrating the everyday comes with taking time to notice the little things that make us smile. I'm compiling a running list and saving them HERE. I'd love if you joined me.

What are your "little things"?
How do you remember to stop and savor them?


  1. HI! I just found you on the BBN!
    I can't believe you got your hubs to go to a 3 hour photo shoot with you. If I even try taking pics of my fiance he closes his eyes and pretends to sleep. That's about how 90% of my photos of him turn out. LOL

    1. That's how a lot of guys are...I knew I would have to find a guy who didn't mind getting his picture taken. its just such a big part of who I am.
      Glad you came to visit from the BBN! :D